Monday, 27 October 2014

Monday Inspiration

Beautiful Things

Yesterday, I bought myself some flowers at the market for the first time. It was not easy to wake up this morning, but thinking of these flowers makes me happy.

Hier, je me suis acheté des fleurs au marché pour la première fois. J'ai eu du mal à me lever ce matin, mais quand je pense à ces fleurs, ça illumine ma journée.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014


THE Serum

Again it is thanks to Caroline Hirons that I've decided to give this a go.

So as it says on the tin, it is a serum oil, so I use it at night, after my toner and before my night cream.

It smells beautiful, the texture is light and it absorbs very quickly. Also the ingredients are, as always with REN, good for your skin. It contains no mineral oil, sulfates, synthetic fragrance etc.

The morning after, the skin is glowy and it feels really nourished. 

I'm just in a REN phase to be honest, but I love it! Also it is so nice to be able to check the ingredients so easily, and to know that basically it is good for you, and will makes your skin look healthier because, really, I'm all about that.

I've also been trying out the BB cream, very very nice, I'll let you know more about that very soon!

Monday, 21 April 2014

Monday inspiration

Crush of the week 

The thing is, I really want to like mondays, so in order to be able to do that, at the beginning of every week, I will tell you about a blog post/idea/film/recipe, basically anything that could potentially be a great start for the week.

I've had a good start of the day, today, thanks to a blog post from A Beautiful Mess.

It's about changing dreams. This blog is owned by two amazing sisters, Elsie and Emma, from Springfield Missouri, both incredibly gifted, creative and positive.

This article, called On Changing Dreams, made me think about success, about my own goals, and it gave me a new vision on life and work. A glimpse of happiness!

Picture of Emma and Elsie from the website A Beautiful Mess.

In the article, Emma opens up about her past, and what she's been through to figure out what she wanted to do. 

Emma first tried to be an actress in L.A, didn't really work that well, so she eventually had to go back to her parent's house. Elsie had already created ABM blog, she also had a little shop, and she finally convinced Emma to join in the blogging adventure. 

But like Emma says, " I wanted to do something on my own. There was a little part of me that always felt like if I worked with Elsie I would forever be the "second shooter," if you know what I mean."

Emma eventually agreed to come back to Missouri, and help her sister Elsie. Emma started blogging about amazing recipes and more, she also started to handle the business side and as she says, made herself valuable. 

Now both Emma and Elsie work on A Beautiful Mess and millions of people read the blog everyday! They also have written a book and made an app. Anyway, Emma will tell you about her journey better than I do, go check it out! 

Have a fabulous week!

Saturday, 19 April 2014


My Basics #1

Long sleeved tee shirts are essential to me. 

I have a few, all from Gap, and I basically wear them all the time. Under a jumper, with a cardigan, on its own, in the summer, in the winter. 
All the time, with absolutely everything. 

It's casual, but with a nice belt and tucked in your trousers it can look "kind of"put together.

I love how textured it looks as well. It adds a little something to the outfit. 

I have them in grey, beige, black and white stripes and navy blue and white stripes.

My ideal style would be very simple, and chic/cool, with a twist. Well, for me, these shirts really are a wardrobe staple.

What are yours?

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


The Amazing Clearcalm 3
Claryfing Clay Cleanser by REN

Again, listening to Caroline Hiron's advices, I decided to get the REN Clearcalm Clay Cleanser. 

My go to cleansers right now are the Clarins Anti Pollution cleansing cream that I usually use in the morning, and a cleansing oil by Cattier for the evening. 
I have normal to combination skin, but I wanted to have a cleanser that suits my skin when it gets a bit spotty, and also a cleanser that simply deeply cleanse. I do use clay masks, let's say once a week, but it really strips my skin sometimes, and you have to wait 10 minutes.
Whereas with this, I just massage it into my skin for one minute, apply some water, it then turns into a milky texture, I rinse it with warm water, and I'm done.

This REN cleanser is the best cleanser I've ever tried. Here, I said it.

Let me explain why.

-  It really deeply cleanse : my skin is way clearer when I use it, I would even say brighter.
- The texture is really creamy but you can definitely feel the clay work its magic.
-  It goes on so smooth! Sometimes I leave it on for a couple of minutes, and then rinse it. It's like an express clay/hydrating mask

- It feels calming on the skin. Instantly.
- I love how the pump distributes the product perfectly, one pump is the exact amount for your face.

All in all, a fabulous cleanser! What's your favorite one?

Friday, 14 March 2014

Beauty Heroes

Cream blushers

These are my two Bobbi Brown blusher's. 

I was never a big fan of powder blushers, most of the time I find that you can see the powder actually sitting on the skin. Whereas, for me, a cream blusher is supposed to melt into the skin, and make you achieve this "glowy look from within". You know like you've just been running outside for hours, even if you don't really run at all...

Anyway, it's also easy to use. I just dab some blusher on my cheeks, and blend it with my fingers, you could obviously use a brush, but I quite like to use it with my fingers: free and precise. They're quite long wearing, also you can easily put them in your bag, the packaging is classic and it's got a little mirror in it: very handy.

Also I sometimes draw kind of a triangle shape from under the eyes to the middle of my cheek and slightly go up to the bridge of my nose. Very lightly of course, I'm not trying to look like a clown, but if you apply it well, and make sure to blend and soften the edges, it creates a nice fresh look.

These blushers are really pigmented and give a creamy - but not sticky - finish.

Like I said, I have two of these blushers, Pale Pink and Calypso Coral.  Oh and by the way they're called Pot Rouge for lips and cheeks. I only really use them on my cheeks but I've tried them both on the lips (I should tell you, I'm not a lipstick kind of girl), and the Pale pink looks pretty good, not sure about the coral one though.

Pale Pink on the left and Calypso Coral on the right
Pale pink is my personal favorite. It is a cold pink, the texture is very sheer which is nice because you can't go wrong with this one. You can easily build up the color, but it never looks too dense, it's very transparent, and bright.

They're quite expensive but they last for ages. I've just hit pan on Calypso Coral, and I bought it over a year ago, and use it pretty much 4 times a week. (That's weirdly precise, isn't it?) Calypso Coral is more of a summery shade, the color is so dense that maybe you could go wrong with this one if you're heavy handed. The color is vibrant and might work on different skin tones.

So yes, these are - some of - my beauty heroes. 

I'd say I would go out without everything but blush, it instantly makes me feel good. It lights up the face. And again, anything that can fake the "healthy lifestyle, running every day - or even every week (!) - spirit " is right up my alley!

Are you more into cream or powder blushers?

This is not a sponsored blog post. I bought the products myself.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Things I should not tell you but ...

Promotional picture of The Wire

I've recently finished the series The Wire.

Some say it is the best show ever, I personally think it is a masterpiece. David Simon, the creator, is a journalist who worked in a paper in Baltimore for many years, the series is based on what he used to witness at that time.

Basically, it takes place in Baltimore, you get to "observe" drug dealers, police work, politics, corruption, the education system and just everyday citizen's problems and concerns. It goes on for 5 seasons, I've learned so much about all these topics while watching it.

Each season has a proper generic, it's the same song called Way down in the hole, but played by different artists.

Anyway, I've been watching all the episodes, and since the final one has ended, I really miss it. Like really. Like I play the songs of the generic on my iphone all the time, and even dream about the characters.

Yep, I told you, this is a new rubric "Things I should not tell you but..."

Here's a sneak peak of all the songs... Enjoy.